Fowey Harbour Guide Feature

I was privileged to be asked to write a piece for the Fowey Harbour Guide. The guide is has a wealth of information for visors to Fowey and is free to all visitors. Please visit their website for more information. (Fowey Harbour)


Twice daily the grasping fingers of the sea slide up the creeks and channels of the River Fowey only to be defeated and losses it’s grip once more a sun and moon goad the endless battle between the land and the sea.

All river life dances to the rise and fall of the tides, the turning of the year.

Winter sees the arrival of Greenshank and Curlew, refugees from the far north, come to feed on the low tide mudflats. Otter move down stream to tidal stretches rich in fish.

Spring brings chestnut breasted Shelduck to lay their eggs deep on secret rabbit burrows. The woods explode with song and as the waters warm shoals of Mullet graze in the shallow creeks after a winter at sea. Buzzard tumble in courtship flight above the river side woods and the heronry is populated with hungry chicks once again.

Summer sees the slaughter of his shoals of Whitebait bu predatory Mackerel in from the sea for the feast. As summer fees, Salmon and Sea Trout pass though the total flow on their way upstream to spawn. On rainy days they leap again and again as if celebrating being alive.

Autumn often brings an Osprey or tow pausing to feed and refuel for a week or two on their African bound migration.

Such is the year on the River Fowey, pulsing to the seas heartbeat, always changing, always the same.