Has anyone seen Finbar ……..?

Has anyone seen Finbar the Fowey Dolphin?  He hasn’t been around Fowey for 3 days now and I am beginning to think he may have moved on. Last year he did the same thing, turning up in the middle of March and after about six weeks moving on. That time rumours began to spread that he had been found dead. They worried me but I didn’t really believe them because despite making great efforts to find out some facts about who had found him and where it always seemed tone second or third hand information. It was always someone who had told them that someone else they knew had heard a dead Dolphin had been found.

Sadly I had just decided to try and get some underwater film of Finbar and had got hold of a Gopro Hero3. On the very day I had got the Gopro set up and ready to go Finbar disappeared. He may yet turn up, I spend more time than I should gazing out the window at the river and looking at all his favourite spots for that familiar triangular fin and dark curved back. Bella has been helping me search in the boat. She is pretty good at spotting him from her place in the bow.

Finbar is about the only thing which scares her because when we see him she knows she is in with a good chance of getting splashed again.

Here is a shot of Finbar from a few weeks ago near the big black and yellow buoys outside our gallery that he loves to hang around.

I can see those two buoys as I write this so I will keep on watching the river for him. If he appears it will be a case of dropping everything and getting out in the boat to see and try to film him.

Today is classic Cornish, damp and grey but pretty warm. Maybe if the rain lifts I will try sticking my nose out of the river entrance and look what the sea condition is.